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we specialise in the art of excellence

At Wheels we have a team of specialists that make it possible that we can help you with every kind of suspension need from replacement, modification to the extreme.


where you will find value

At Wheels we have a wide range of tyres to suit your every need as well as your budget.


precision is the aim

At Wheels its all about excellence and precision, when it comes to alignment we have an impeccable track record. For the only place in town that will set it bend it but when we are done it is finished.


smoothing out the bumps

At Wheels we have all the necessary equipment to get it spot on. With after sales service like no other, put us to the test.


Fleet Management Solutions

Wheels has a comprehensive Fleet Management Service that is all inclusive. From the handing over of the fleet responsibility we are hands on with on site checks then moving to a vehicle setup with documentation of every detail. So that you can have the peace of mind to leave us to save you money through regular checkups with a working system to extend the life of your vehicles tyres, while keeping your Fleet safe on the road.


On-Site checkups

GPS monitoring

5000 km Reports

Join the Wheels family today

For a full assessment of the your companies needs contact us and see how we can save you money on every vehicle you have on the road.

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